Jeremie Czagiel

Jeremie Czagiel

With a master’s degree in Facility Management, Jeremie is an expert in the field. He has been working at XLG for six years. Pragmatic, he likes to make decisions and move forward, while ensuring safety and customer satisfaction.

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Active in Belgium, Luxembourg and the north of France, XLG is composed of expert collaborators in the field of sandblasting. XLG offers you its efficient sandblasting service adapted to all surfaces. This sandblasting service is exclusively offered to companies. We offer you the possibility of having the work you need done at a time that suits you. We analyze your request so we can offer you a tailor-made service. Our employees are experts in the field of sandblasting, an industrial stripping process. XLG will respond to any requests for sandblasting as soon as possible.


Effective sandblasting requires adequate equipment. XLG has sandblasting equipment consisting of compressors and sandblasters. Our employees have undergone training for sandblasting and therefore have the required skills. Sandblasting is a stripping process that avoids the risk of injury or intoxication. That is why wearing the proper protective equipment is a must, such as goggles, a blasting mask, protective gloves, coveralls and ear protection. This equipment will prevent our employees from inhaling dust and particles.



Our employees are also required to adopt ergonomic postures in order to protect themselves. To carry out sandblasting, it is necessary to adopt a good gesture and to adapt the pressure of the compressor. The movement back and forth is recommended in order to obtain a better quality.

XLG has the means to come and pick up your parts, supports or machines in order to restore them to their original state. Then our staff will come and give you your parts back as good as new.

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Thanks to our 8,500 employees and our 35 years of experience, we have developed more than 30 service activities in Belgium, France and the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg.

XLG offers you the agility of an SME with the strength and resources of a large group. Do not hesitate to contact us for more information about our services.