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Jeremie Czagiel

Jeremie Czagiel

With a master’s degree in Facility Management, Jeremie is an expert in the field. He has been working at XLG for six years. Pragmatic, he likes to make decisions and move forward, while ensuring safety and customer satisfaction.

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XLG’s employees are specialised in industrial painting services in Belgium, Luxembourg and Northern France. The industrial painting service handles the painting of walls, piping, foundry, sheet metal, infrastructure and machinery of your building with the appropriate type of paint.

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ALL industrial painting techniques

XLG has been specialising in the field of industrial painting for over 30 years. XLG makes each request its priority in order to deliver tailor-made offers. XLG makes every effort to provide you with high quality work by working with modern and efficient techniques. Our employees have the know-how and experience to guarantee you a quality industrial painting service.

Depending on the type of surface to be covered, our industrial painting company carries out an initial analysis and determines what preparations are required before painting.

the process

In order to remove any dirt or old coating from the surface, it can be stripped using the process of sandblasting, microblasting or airbrushing.

If the surface to be painted is also located in certain areas such as at heights or in confined spaces, we also call on our employees to secure the area and prepare the access for the painters so that they can work safely. Paint is an important element in the world of industry. It can be used to protect walls from fire, protect floors from moisture and wear, etc.


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