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As a food processing company, you know the vital importance of cleaning and disinfecting your production line.

Because failure to comply with hygiene standards can very quickly lead to serious health consequences, entrust this cleaning to a specialised and serious company like XLG!

Cleaning an industrial kitchen

Established in Charleroi, our industrial cleaning company has set up teams specializing in agro-food cleaning. Lutosa, Vandemoortele and Delhaize are some of the companies that trusted us and allowed the training of our agents in this field with special requirements.

Two distinct phases

To comply with health and safety standards, the assignment is performed in two phases.

    Organic dirt is removed, surfaces and tools cleaned.
    Maintenance and cleaning of machines is performed.
  • The second phase is the disinfection phase:
    The production environment is disinfected using suitable chemicals to eliminate any unwanted viruses and microorganisms.

Why outsource the cleaning of your premises?

In recent years, scandals related to the food industry have multiplied in the headlines. The rules and standards to be followed have become stricter, cleaning procedures have become more complicated and controls have multiplied with the aim of limiting health and environmental risks.

But you still need to have the technical and human resources to devote to this important aspect of your food business. This is why more and more companies in this sector are opting for external subcontracting to manage the cleaning of their premises. In fact, we have:

  • Skilled and versatile personnel
  • Adapted equipment
  • Effective control systems
  • Flawless follow-up and the possibility of traceability of our missions

We are also one of the few companies to use cryogenics for cleaning, a technique that is ideal for the food industry.