Company specialized in cleaning in hospitals

Relying on the expertise of a medical cleaning company effectively eliminates all risks of contamination from various pathogens.
To avoid the spread of bacteria and super-resistant viruses, exceptional hygiene must be maintained in hospital environments.

Stop the spread of hospital-acquired infections

Escherichia coli, staphylococcus aureus and pseudomonas aeruginosa, highly dangerous bacteria, are silent killers in hospitals.

Healthcare-associated infections pose a real danger to patients, but also to healthcare workers. Hence the need to focus on drastic hygiene procedures to reduce the risks as much as possible.

Strict hygiene measures for greater safety

Disinfection of waiting rooms, operating rooms, consulting rooms, but also rest areas, must follow strict protocols. The same is true for frequently used items such as door handles, elevator buttons and sanitary facilities that must be systematically and regularly disinfected.

Patient furniture should be disinfected daily to eliminate germs, bacteria and viruses. For added convenience and effectiveness, the use of a detergent-disinfectant is required. To ensure cleanliness, the expertise of a company specializing in hospital cleaning is required.

Cleaners fully trained in the hospital environment

Hospital cleaning can only be undertaken by cleaners and cleaning teams who have undergone specific training. Internally, your XLG cleaning company will train its technicians to ensure that they are able to follow current protocols.

Cleaner protective equipment

Your cleaners operate under optimal safety conditions. To do this, they use the appropriate equipment:

  • disposable shoes,
  • protective glasses and mask,
  • gloves for housekeeping,
  • adapted gowns,
  • etc,

Depending on the room to be cleaned, our cleaning teams make use of variable speed single brushes, wet and dry vacuums and other disinfectant wipes Our professional equipment will be used to clean the hospital and its various surfaces.

Based on their experience, XLG cleaning agents are able to intervene discreetly, even during busy hours.
A requirement that will allow for effective eradication of dangerous microorganisms.

Disinfectants that meet European requirements

Over the years, bacteria have developed a definite resistance to antibiotics and certain disinfectants. Therefore, effective cleaning products should be used for a thorough cleaning of the hospital.

With the expertise of a hospital laundry and cleaning company like XLG, you can better control the risks of infection and superinfection for the well-being of medical staff and patients.

XLG is a company that has specialized in hospital cleaning for over 20 years and operates throughout Belgium. Contact us now for a request for a free quote.

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