The need for good parking maintenance

Local businesses, public institutions, SMEs, large corporations… We are all responsible for a healthy and pleasant living environment. In addition, poorly maintained environments are bad for the reputaiton of the entity in charge of them and can be detrimental to the health of users.

Fighting Odor Accumulation in Parking Facilities

Whether it’s an underground parking lot, an overhead parking lot or even a surface parking lot, oil and hydrocarbon odors eventually build up.

The air is sometimes so saturated with strong odors, that it is virtually impossible to breathe without experiencing nausea or headaches, which can be very unpleasant, especially for pregnant women, children or even users with a sensitive sense of smell. For a greater peace of mind, bringing in a parking lot cleaning professional is the undeniable asset to clean up the place.

Prevent unsanitary conditions with parking lot cleaning

Because they may receive thousands of visitors per day, parking lots are subject to damage, both intentional and unintentional.

Starting with tire rubber marks, which over time can be unsightly.  The same applies to littering (plastic bags, cigarette butts, soda bottles, greasy paper, etc.). Finally, there is graffiti.

Enjoy the best services for parking lot cleaning

Betting on the services of a cleaning company will allow you to sanitize your parking lots with the frequency you desire. Whether it’s for a one-time cleaning, twice a week or more often, you can choose the number of interventions to suit the needs of your customers.

Services tailored to your needs

Transferring the cleaning of your parking lot to a specialized cleaning company will allow you to take advantage of customized solutions. With its experience and know-how, XLG will know how to make you benefit from services in terms of:

  • Dusting of floors;
  • Clearing of clutter;
  • High pressure cleaning;
  • Wall cleaning;
  • Garbage removal;
  • Surface degreasing;
  • Scouring of water drainage ways;
  • etc.

Each intervention is carried out by experienced maintenance agents and perfectly equipped cleaning teams, which allows you to benefit from highly satisfactory services.

Professional equipment for greater efficiency

With the latest professional and industrial cleaning equipment, nothing will get in the way of keeping your parking lot clean. Autoscrubbers, single brush machines, foam guns, degreasers, sweepers and other vacuum cleaners will be put to work for interventions that are as quick as they are neat for impeccable results.

For the cleaning of your parking lots call on XLG. Specializing in cleaning for over two decades, XLG‘s cleaning services also extend to buildings, offices, homes and apartments. Request a free quote without further delay.

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