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The diversity of activities and high traffic in theaters has a significant impact on the cleanliness of the premises. That is why the many various spaces must be cleaned thoroughly, whether it is the lobby, the stairs and even where the arcade terminals are located.

That is why our cleaning services start from the parking lot and runs all the way to the exit of your establishment so that nothing is left to chance. We make sure your parking areas are clean and free of dirt. We also sweep them and do a deep cleaning to prevent dust from contaminating the environment and equipment of your complex.
In order to preserve your carpets and floors, we maintain them with the latest vacuum cleaners and steam cleaners. We also perform window maintenance and a thorough cleaning of your cinema’s facade.


Sanitary hygiene is one of the priorities of our professional agents. Restrooms are the most likely places for bad odors and bacteria growth. Our teams keep these spaces clean, hygienic and disinfected. They attend every day and where necessary replenish your restrooms.

Our professional agents also clean your ancillary spaces, such as your projection booths and meeting rooms, in order to protect your equipment and ensure the longevity of your material. In addition, do not forget the box office, which will be one of the first places visited by customers. They will appreciate buying their seat and their confection in a clean and pleasant space.

Our cinema cleaning company therefore offers a wide variety of cleaning services to give a positive image of your establishment and thus contribute to the reputation of your cinema.


Once they have their ticket in their pocket, cinema goers will head to the theater where they can comfortably watch one of the movies on offer or one of the previews at a festival. Once seated, there’s nothing more unpleasant to find than a dirty seat or a sticky armrest. That’s why our maintenance teams clean your cinemas from top to bottom.

Popcorn and other sweets are an integral part of the audience’s enjoyment. But after a movie, a lot of rubbish, food and drink wrappers are left in the theater. Our maintenance team cleans up the rubbish from the seats and the aisles between the rows of seats. They also clean the armrests, railings, stairs and entrance doors. Regular cleaning is important to prevent littering and to ensure a comfortable and enjoyable movie-going experience.

Modern cleaning techniques

Thorough cleaning is necessary to maintain the screens and to remove the marks and stains on them. Our professional agents carry out these cleanings with high-tech equipment and adapted products that are not dangerous for the environment.

Everything is done to ensure that your entire cinema complex is cleaned as well as possible to guarantee your satisfaction and that of your customers.

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