Cleanroom cleaning is not just about washing the floors, walls and ceiling and all surfaces and equipment to remove dust and grime.
A clean room must also be completely decontaminated and the air must be free of any particles that could be a health hazard. The cleaning of pharmaceutical or medical laboratories, operating rooms, space construction or radioactive element processing rooms, should always be performed by experts.

The cleaning of a cleanroom is important as it minimizes the risk of contamination or infection. Because of this, the intervention requires a great deal of technical mastery in order to ensure that the cleaning operations comply with the protocol established by the company.

XLG’s clean room cleaning

For several decades, XLG – a company specializing in cleaning – has put its expertise at the service of professionals working in high-tech sectors. In terms of clean room cleaning, our employees are specially trained by certified agents, in order to be able to intervene in compliance with the safety standards required by the sectors concerned.

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