Facility 360° company in Belgium

Facility 360° is not a radical idea, even if it may seem so. It is necessary to live with the times, from now on data are no longer compartmentalized, they are organized and grouped in all domains. The same applies to facility management: Separating tasks, functions and management resources is not the solution. Facility 360° brings all tasks together under one coherent organization.

Adopt the Facility 360° approach

Depending on your current facility strategy, moving to a 360° approach means closing process gaps and controlling costs. Here are some examples of how to transition to 360° Facility:

Terminate small vendor contracts in favor of consolidated services with a larger vendor.
Consolidate facility management tasks by delegating oversight to key team members.
Upgrade technology to reduce manual tasks
Outsource facility management operations to a single company or to an in-house team of qualified experts.
The scope of Facility 360° varies, but the concept remains the same. The goal is to reduce and eliminate costs, obstacles, errors and redundancies.

Focus on what matters most

High-level objectives drive day-to-day facility operations. Facility managers must focus on the big picture goals first, then effectively manage the day-to-day tasks.

Don’t renegotiate contracts with multiple vendors and coordinate their various services. Instead, rely on one company with one contract. Then, use the energy and time saved to focus on improving the facility. Instead of working from the bottom up, good managers work from the top down. Less involvement is a good thing. It means things are running smoothly without direct supervision.

Cost control

Costs are one of the key drivers in the transition to 360° Facility. The 360° approach is a great example of economies of scale. In the same way that you buy from a wholesaler to get a better price, Facility 360° ensures lower operating costs through consolidation.

Facility 360° also highlights potential operational cost reductions. It is easy to determine where you are overspending, wasting or being inefficient, or not budgeting properly.

Moving to a 360° Facility

Moving to a 360° approach may seem radical. Consolidate and streamline financial management functions to gain confidence. Here are four practical and actionable steps:

  • Research current processes – who is responsible for the broader facility management tasks? Which vendors do you work with? What are your costs? Describe the current state of facility management to define the starting point for the Facility 360°.
  • Communicate with stakeholders – Why are you moving to Facility 360°? Identify and explain the return on investment and how it justifies changes in processes and responsibilities. Without good communication, stakeholders may not support the change.
  • Benchmark the objectives – Use your research data to determine how the 360° processes compare to past practices. Is the return on investment in line with your expectations? Are you reducing costs and eliminating waste?
  • Integrate technology – A good 360° facility contract is not based on trust, but on robust forecasting, task tracking, integrated reporting, and transparency into all data.
    Like anything transformative, the move to Facility 360° takes time and patience. Avoid chaos and disruption by making changes incrementally. Identify facility management pain points first, then get rid of underperforming vendors, reduce redundant tasks, and use integrated data to continue strengthening processes.

And most importantly, believe in the proven power of 360° Facility. Consolidate the key players in your facility management and watch as tasks and processes are streamlined. The benefits of a 360° approach will be felt quickly and continuously.

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