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Jeremie Czagiel

Jeremie Czagiel

With a master’s degree in Facility Management, Jeremie is an expert in the field. He has been working at XLG for six years. Pragmatic, he likes to make decisions and move forward, while ensuring safety and customer satisfaction.

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preventive disinfection


The disinfection solution is biodegradable and non-toxic for humans and their environment.

  • First of all, we clean the soiled surfaces, remove personal effects (clothes, food, loose leaves on desks, …)
  • Our disinfectant contains neither solvent nor substances derived from quaternary ammoniums: hydrogen peroxide (oxidant) and Ag (acting on biofilm). Therefore, there is no danger to your computer equipment…
  • For an effective work, it is necessary to grid the area (offices for example) in rectangles spraying from top to bottom.


  • We recommend a thorough cleaning prior to any intervention.
  • Fire alarms do not need to be turned off. It is recommended to maintain ventilation, preferably in all fresh air.


  • Two to five times per week
  • Daily in the case of public transport, locker rooms and sanitary facilities


Cleaning areas to be treated

Disinfection of your contact points manually with a biodegradable and non-toxic product for humans and their environment. Dirty surfaces must be cleaned with a detergent/disinfectant by a conventional cleaning crew prior to treatment.

Onderneming Disinfection België
  • Close doors and windows of the room to be treated, turn off air conditioning.
  • All surfaces likely to have been touched frequently by different people (staff, customers or public) should be treated by spraying with virucide (large surfaces) or direct application with absorbent paper (small surfaces, for example: switches, door handles,…).
  • Floors shall be treated with a virucidal disinfectant product.


On a case-by-case basis, as recommended by health authorities (daily in the case of supermarkets).

Onderneming Disinfection België
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