Ventilation in the industrial environment

In addition to its experience in industrial cleaning, XLG also handles the cleaning of ventilation ducts in industrial environments. The stakes of air quality are major. They are on the one hand sanitary but also environmental and productive.  XLG’s teams are trained in safety procedures and cleaning methodologies specific to the industrial environment, particularly in terms of sealing and filtration.

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clean rooms and hospitals

Hospitals and clean rooms require regular and regulated maintenance of the aeraulic installations. The annual cleaning and disinfection of ventilation networks in hospitals are part of the services offered by XLG. We have equipment exclusively dedicated to so-called high-tech environments with, in particular, machines equipped with HEPA filters.

Onderneming Cleaning of ventilation ducts België

offices and public buildings

Public buildings and offices are systematically ventilated. Their high attendance and the risks related to the health of their users require regular maintenance of ventilation networks to ensure air quality These infrastructures include offices, schools, communal buildings, nurseries, cultural centers, swimming pools and sports halls. Avoid sick building syndrome and reduce employee absenteeism by contacting XLG for ventilation system maintenance.

Onderneming Cleaning of ventilation ducts België

Shops and catering

Dust carries health risks for your customers. You wouldn’t leave around in your windows or on the plates you’re about to serve food on. Don’t let it accumulate in your ventilation ducts either. Our teams reliably perform this service with ease and discretion. Call on XLG and your ventilation system will remain efficient and safe.

Onderneming Cleaning of ventilation ducts België

New ventilation

Are you completing work on a brand new building? Before you hand over the keys to the job site, don’t forget to have XLG clean your new ventilation system. Construction work produces an enormous amount of dust that gets lodged directly in the freshly installed ducts. This makes your installation out of European standards from day one. It is therefore common sense to clean these ducts before the delivery of the building.

Onderneming Cleaning of ventilation ducts België

Our managers for the cleaning of ventilation ducts

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