Perfectly clean ducts

Air duct cleaning improves the hygiene and air quality of your buildings. Air ducts must be cleaned when the maximum allowable amount of dirt (g/m²) is exceeded. The European standard EN 15780 stipulates the maximum amounts to be respected. Buildings are classified according to three levels of cleanliness and each level has a maximum permissible amount of dirt.

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Onderneming Cleaning of HVAC ducts and extraction hoods België


Our air duct cleaning technique loosens the dirt, extracts it by suction and collects it in filter bags.

  • Verification of the ventilation network plan

    Verification of the plan with the reality and location of the inspection hatches
  • Inspection of the ducts using a camera

    Inserting a camera probe for the inspection of the ducts
  • Report of the current state

    Establishment of the level of fouling, the type of fouling and the locations of fouling
  • Cleaning of the ducts

    Brushing with a suitable brush, suction and filtration
  • Cleaning inspection by camera

    Introduction of a camera probe for inspection of the cleaned ducts
  • Finalization of the service report

    Delivery of a report and recommendations

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