Our floor products

The XLG Floors range thoroughly cleans and degreases all types of water-resistant coatings. Enriched with plant waxes, XLG Floors products contain biosurfactants. These active principles of vegetable origin guarantee a long-lasting protection against pathogenic bacteria. The hyper concentrated formula of this product allows a lower and more economical consumption compared to other existing products. The range comes in two sizes, 1 liter or 5 liters.

Floor cleaning

Our products for surfaces

The Xlg Surfaces range comes in products designed to be versatile and to clean a multitude of smooth surfaces in a long-lasting way without leaving any marks on them. Easy to use and enriched with biosurfactants, XLG Surfaces products are essential allies for cleaning glass surfaces, smooth surfaces and modern surfaces. The products are available as a spray or in 1 liter or 5 liter formats.


Our Sanitary products

The XLG Sanitary range offers a declination of products enriched with micro-organisms that guarantee a global treatment of the most incrusted dirt and bacteria.
The refillable multi-purpose cleaner, the toilet gel and the drain unblocker will be your best allies for an optimal maintenance of all your sanitary facilities whether for domestic or professional use.

Our products for the kitchen

The XLG Kitchen range comes in multi-purpose products created to thoroughly clean food and non-food surfaces. Easy to use, to dilute or ready to use, XLG Kitchen products are enriched with surfactants of biotechnological and plant origin. Their hyper-concentrated formula allows for lower and economical consumption compared to other existing products.

kitchen cleaning

Our products for industry

The XLG Industrial range is ideal for cleaning all types of surfaces such as stainless steel, steel, aluminum or plastics. But also for surfaces exposed to hydrocarbons or car bodies. Enriched with micro-organisms and biosurfactants, the hyper concentrated products of the XLG range guarantee a more economical and ecological consumption compared to other existing products.

Industrial cleaning

Nos nouveautés

Four reasons for using XLG SAFE & NATURAL:

  1. Natural
  2. Safe
  3. Economic
  4. Methodical
  • 1/4 Natural

    It is a Bio-Technology based on natural products, composed of good bacteria that continue to act and protect your surfaces after their application. Our products are recommended for septic tanks and 100% compatible with cold water.

  • 2/4 Safe

    Our products do not contain any chemical products = no danger for our staff; no peripheral risk = bad use, clean stain, clothes... They are 100% compatible with cold water with equivalent quality, which implies no risk of burning, nor skin or inhalation problems.

  • 3/4 Economical

    Our products are not more expensive than a classic product. They are provided with its dilution instruments in order to guarantee a correct dosage and thus reduce the quantities consumed. The probiotics continue to act after our passage, which reduces the workload. The whole range is designed to be used with cold water, so you save your hot water!

  • 4/4 Methodology

    Each product refers to a precise and detailed method, our staff is trained in these methods. In order to guarantee a continuous training, our products have an application method published on the bottle, simple pictograms as well as a QR code leading to a video presenting the instructions for use.