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Chemical pickling is one of the techniques in industrial pickling that can restore surfaces.

By preparing your substrates, you ensure their longevity and strength. However, there is a suitable stripping process for each substrate. Get to know chemical pickling, one of the most effective techniques with preserving power.

It results from the action of an acid on the metal oxide:

  • for carbon steels, aluminum and its alloys: water bath with sulfuric acid (5 to 15% ), hydrochloric acid (10%) and hydrofluoric acid (2 to 15%);
  • for stainless steels: water with hydrochloric acid (15%), azotic acid (15%) and sulfuric acid (5%);
  • for copper and its alloys: water and azotic acid bath (5%), sulfuric acid (5%).

Stripping can be done cold, but uses a bath with 70° water notably accelerates the operation. The acid attacks not only the adhering oxide, but also the metal, releasing hydrogen, some of which is absorbed by the metal. To remedy this problem, the bath is supplemented with a stripping limiter that delays the action of the acid on the metal without interfering with the dissolution of the oxides.

The stripping inhibitors are based on glue, starch, tars, or organic sulfur compounds.

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