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Specialised services

We manufacture all types of piping on your site or in our workshops. According to your specific needs, we ensure the custom manufacturing of new elements or the modification of existing elements. XLG manufactures custom-made tanks and vessels as well as the forming of cylindrical parts. XLG works in the workshop for the most common piping parts and can also work on site. We master all types of welding and assemblies. We are specialists in materials such as steel, stainless steel, PP, PE, PVC, PER and SVR.

Assembly and installation are carried out according to your maintenance shutdowns, the meticulous preparation of the work and the prior elaboration of the intervention plan allow us to reduce downtime to a strict minimum.

Our expertise

Our recognised expertise is at your disposal, with a particular specificity for the welding and the assembly of plastic material.

We put at your disposal a team of professionals as well as our piping machines, to answer each request. We make it a point of honor to produce high quality piping.

Moreover, we take into account and treat all your requests in very short times and our collaborators move at your convenience.

Our experts in piping take care of the site before with the study of your needs and XLG also takes care of the follow-up with the maintenance and repair of your pipes.

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