Our managers for neutralization of tanks

Our different neutralization techniques

Does your company want to entrust the neutralization of your tank to professionals? XLG masters all the different techniques.

XLG takes care of all your cleaning work, whatever the type of building and its size. Experts in professional cleaning and maintenance for over 35 years, we offer the following services


Belgian legislation requires that a certificate is provided when a tank is neutralized.

Whether it is during the neutralization/removal of a buried tank or during the cutting of an aerial tank, we provide all certificates in accordance with the legislation:

  • a neutralization certificate for an underground tank;
  • an evacuation certificate for a tank above ground.

These certificates mention in particular the number of liters of fuel oil residues that have been treated in approved centers.

Crane for excavating underground tank

Useful tips

A word of advice: don’t do it yourself.

This could be dangerous for a number of reasons:

  1. If you don’t use the right tools, the tank will break.
  2. If you don’t wear proper PPE (Personal Protective Equipment), an accident can easily happen.
  3. If you make a hole in the tank, fuel oil can escape and pollute your soil. A soil survey is required and this will cost you a lot more.
  4. If you sell your house, you will not be able to give the notary the certificate they request.
  5. Our teams are trained for this work and are specialized for these interventions. Our company is also VCA certified. This allows us to ensure safety on site


We also offer the following services:
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