Benefits of a mechanical cleaning

The advantage of mechanical cleaning compared to manual cleaning is that germs – among other things by sucking up dirty water – are permanently removed and cannot accumulate in a manual cleaning cloth. This reduces the risk of recontamination.

The risk of hand contamination is also reduced with this non-contact cleaning. Using cleaning machines will also increase efficiency: Because of their greater surface area output, a larger area can be cleaned quicker.

Another advantage: Detergents can be added in the exact amount thanks to dosing systems.

In addition, scrubbers have a much higher brush pressure on the surface to be cleaned. This will further increase the cleaning performance compared to a manual broom.

Scrubbers a solution to your problems

Textured floor coverings are more difficult to clean with manual cleaning systems such as wide wipers with mops. The problem is that dirt and residue from cleaning and maintenance products can be left behind by the machinery. On the one hand, this residue doesn’t look attractive, and on the other hand, it provides an ideal breeding ground for bacteria.

However, this problem can be avoided by using scrubbers with roller brush technology, as they use soft brushes to reach deep into the structure to dissolve the dirt and then vacuum it away. Another advantage of roller brushes is that large dirt particles can be wiped away, eliminating the need for the extra step of pre-sweeping.

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