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Your company has just suffered a disaster? To get back to work as soon as possible, entrust the cleaning of the damaged premises to a company specialized in this field. XLG quickly cleans up following a fire, bad weather or water damage.

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A disaster can strike like lighting in commercial buildings, whether you are operate in industry, catering or retail.

When this happens, your main priority must be to resume your activities as soon as possible, so as not to lose your place in the market or slow down your production. A challenge that XLG can help you meet!

As a company specialized in industrial cleaning in Belgium, we quickly dispatch teams of trained cleaners to clean up the premises affected by an industrial disaster, whatever it may be.

Tackling soot

Fire is one of the most common kinds of industrial disasters. If fire can quickly destroy your production tools and premises, soot and toxic substances, which, if not eliminated quickly, will deteriorate in the long term the surfaces on which they are placed.

XLG intervenes in a very short time to overcome the damage from a fire:

  • Removal of burned debris and residue
  • Cleaning, scrubbing and soot removal with specialized products
  • High-pressure cleaning (sandblasting and cryogenics possible)
  • Drying and ventilation of the premises
  • Orde neutralization
  • Primary encapsulation
  • Potential renovation work

We take care of both the cleaning of your building and its contents. If machines and electronic devices can be saved, they are reconditioned and refurbished.

Water damage

Your business can fall victim to flooding caused by a leak or disastrous weather.
Just as in the case of a fire, you must act quickly: water can seep in and cause as much damage as fire. XLG makes its agents available to:

  • Remove water with pumps and water vacuums
  • Sheltering machinery, equipment and production
  • Evacuate any debris (machinery, objects, false ceilings and floor covering)
  • Complete cleaning
  • Drying and ventilation of the building
  • Mold prevention and removal

We guarantee an effective cleaning to get your premises back to clean and functional as before the disaster.

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For more than 25 years, Damage Control has been a company specialised in cleaning after fire. Our teams of professionals are trained in the most uip-to-datee cleaning techniques.

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