Customized cleaning service for a clean and healthy school

Maintenance of school equipment

Chalkboards, chairs and benches must be disinfected and maintained to extend their life. In addition to this preventive role, our specialists remove traces of chalk and markers present on any support and ensure the proper functioning of your equipment.

Our services also include window cleaning to prevent dust accumulation. Light penetrates properly inside the premises, improving the quality of life for your students. Comprehensive office and classroom cleaning ensures the health and well-being of your students and faculty members.

School Facility Cleaning

At the same time, care must be taken to maintain ancillary spaces exposed to dust such as laboratories, the library, study rooms, the teacher’s room, workshops or the dining hall. As the latter is prone to dirt and the development of microbes, our team is particularly attentive to its hygiene and cleanliness.

Sports are an integral part of the students curriculum and contribute to their well-being. Bacteria also love the gym. Our knowledge and experience in the field of cleaning allows us, with professional equipment, to intervene in heavily used spaces that require a lot of attention (gyms, staircases, hallways).

Hygiene in schools

Sanitatry facilities that do not work can be a real problem in a school setting. Diseases can spread like wildfire. Therefore, it is vital that proper cleaning and disinfection be performed regularly so that students can operate in a healthy environment.

Our maintenance staff regularly disinfects restrooms to prevent infection. They must be pleasant and clean. Hygienic sanitary facilities is one of our fundamental aims. We keep your facility clean so that teachers and students can walk around without fear.

Our maintenance staff ensures that only government-approved products that are not hazardous to health are used. Our staff undergoes regular training to avoid any potential hazards.

Finally, in addition to cleaning your buildings, we also maintain the playground and green spaces to make your school grounds more beautiful. Our goal is to make parents confident, educators happy, and provide students with a safe and clean environment conducive to academic success.

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The availability of our teams and the involvement of each staff member are the pride of our company which is active across the whole of Belgium!