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Looking for a company to clean your building commons?

If there’s one building cleaning company that can live up to your standards, it’s XLG. With its 35 years of experience, XLG benefits from an unparalleled know-how acquired through thousands of hours of interventions alongside a wide range of clients.

To ensure excellent performance in the field, XLG relies on the dynamism of its teams and the best cleaning techniques. The use of professional cleaning products and the latest equipment is also an integral part of its success.

Condominium and building common area cleaning

With its ability to listen, XLG is perfectly qualified to manage the maintenance of the common spaces of your building. As well for the cleaning of the floors (natural stone, carpet, concrete, tiles, etc.), for the removal of the waste cans or for the cleaning of the halls.

Each job is carried out the greatest care to offer you total satisfaction. If necessary, this building cleaning company will take care of the maintenance of stairwells, elevators or even sanitary facilities.

And to not neglect the maintenance of your building, you can also order services for:

  • the cleaning of interior and exterior windows;
  • the cleaning of the parking lot
  • the removal of snow from exterior surfaces;
  • the maintenance of green spaces;
  • or even for the maintenance of offices.

In fact, XLG also has the skills required to directly intervene in buildings for commercial or professional use.

A professional and flexible team

With fully trained teams, XLG offers you the assurance of excellent maintenance of all your spaces. In addition, its staff quickly adapts to all your expectations and to your schedule.

Whether it is for daily, weekly or monthly interventions, you will be given the opportunity to choose the terms of each intervention. With the personalized services that will be offered, you will be able to keep your premises clean while benefiting from a remarkably neat job.

XLG : A condominium cleaning company throughout Belgium

The precision in detail, the respect of its commitments and the attractiveness of its rates are criteria that make XLG a partner of choice. To see for yourself, simply request a free quotea proposal for flexible services billed at the best prices.

Present throughout Belgium, XLG brings you all its expertise for the maintenance of your buildings, your professional premises and also your nursing homes.

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