Asbestos removal in sealed areas in Belgium

The different operations of setting up an hermetic zone:

A hermetic zone is done in several steps:

  • Cleaning the area where the work is to be done
  • Applying plastic sheeting to seal the area
  • The use of double plastic sheeting that will ensure total containment of the area
  • Implementation of an airlock to let personnel and equipment in and out
  • Filtration of waste water
  • Use of air extractors to ensure a vacuum is created

Specific equipment for personnel

Our asbestos removal personnel have very specific equipment:

  • Full face mask with filter and assisted ventilation
  • Disposable protective clothing (dustproof suit )
  • Washable or disposable cotton undergarments
  • Safety boots to standards
  • Professional gloves suitable for the type of intervention

Waste is specifically packaged and accurate labeling is also applied.

Methodology in a sealed area

  • Receipt of the request and information

    - Receipt of the asbestos inventory
    - Photos of materials containing asbestos
    - Measurement of the premises and materials containing asbestos
    - Location plan of the site
  • Preliminary visit and submission of offer

    - Visit on site
    - Evaluation of the volume to be treated
    - Definition of the treatment method
    - Price quotation
  • Site preparation and safety

    - Putting in safety: Marking of the site and signage
    - Connection to the infrastructures (electricity & water).
    - Creation of the hermetic area based on plastic P.E.
    - Installation of the Personnel & Material airlocks
    - Installation of the water filtration system
    - Installation of air extractors
    - Putting the hermetic area in depression
  • Test and verification

    - Verification of the aeraulic balance
    - Smoke test necessary to check the tightness of the area.
    - Verification of individual protective equipment: Respiratory mask, gloves, tight suit, etc.
  • Asbestos removal

    - Removal of materials containing asbestos
    - Packaging of asbestos waste
    - Evacuation of the waste via the material lock
    - Cleaning the bag and placing it in a second bag hermetically sealed and provided with the regulatory labeling
    - Control of the operations and the area by an approved laboratory
    - Deposit of the waste in an approved storage area.
  • End of the site

    - Cleaning of the area (vacuum cleaner with absolute filter, impregnated rag,).
    - Fixing of the possible residual fibers thanks to a wetting solution
    - Visual inspection & measurement of the area restitution.
    - The sealed area is removed when the results of the measurements are less than or equal to 0.010 fibres/ml.
Other asbestos removal techniques :

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