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XLG offers a service between a one-off contract and a complete contract. The service is split into three items:

  • Preventive maintenance
  • Technical assistance
  • Work forecast

This type of contract is completely tailor-made to each customer who draw up the framework of their contract themselves.

Preventive Maintenance

  • XLG carries out checks, measurements and adjustments of the dust collection systems during operation and shutdown with a frequency defined in consultation with the customer.
  • XLG performs minor maintenance works identified during visits according to well-defined limits.
  • For this, XLG manages a stock of spare parts that belong to the customer.
  • The customer is kept informed of the visits and work carried out either in the form of regular reports or by its own CMMS system if XLG is authorised to use it in order to provide the customer with all the parameters of its installations.

Work Forecast

  • Preventive maintenance allows us to know the life cycle of the installations by monitoring them regularly. XLG is thus aware of the necessary maintenance work for the installations several months in advance.
  • XLG suggests a work forecast to the customer for each year: this is a list of estimates that the customer may or may not order in the course of the year (state of the filters, budget, etc.). It is in no way a commitment to order.

Technical Support

  • XLG trains a designated member of staff at the customer’s site that handles all communication with XLG.
  • XLG provides advice to the customer on all matters related to dusting (modifications, new investments).
  • The monitoring of the contract is carried out on a daily basis with the customer’s contact person and on a regular basis with all the actors involved in a contract review.

The advantages of such a contract:

  • The customer retains control of their installations: the customer has all the information and takes all decisions for major works. They are not 100% dependent on XLG as they retain all the information.
  • The customer has an advisor for all questions relating to dust removal.
  • It’s a win-win contract: the customer knows what they are paying for and there is no need for XLG to invest a great deal in stock.

Inspection contract

Along with the customer, XLG establishes a schedule for expert visits to the dust removal installations according to how critical each station is.

During each visit, XLG carries out the necessary checks, measurements and adjustments as well as minor maintenance work.

For each visit, a report is prepared containing:

  • Assessment of the checks, measurements and adjustments
  • Recommendations for maintenance work
  • Advice in terms of the use of dust collectors
  • Proposals followed by commercial proposals
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Full Maintenance Contract


This is a lump sum contract including:

  • Work required for visits, filter media replacements and maintenance work defined in a precise manner;
  • The supply of all filter media as well as all parts clearly defined between the two parties;
  • XLG ensures daily contact with decision makers and foremen at the plant.

The customer is kept up to date by XLG with monthly reports and a filter register kept by our technicians.

Within the framework of the comprehensive contract, XLG is able to guarantee rejection rates in accordance with the legislation in force as well as to accompany the customer in certification procedures

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