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With more than 12 operational centers for companies and 77 service cheques agencies for individuals, XLG is present throughout Belgium.

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+95 offices and agencies

Our values

Our values are a reflection of our history, our identity and our ambitions.

They embody our corporate culture and are expressed through the daily actions of all XLG staff.

  • 1/5 Collaboration

    To have with our partners a true relationship of co-creation of values

  • 2/5 Entrepreneurial spirit

    To be connected to the evolutions, to take initiatives in order to answer at best the needs and the expectations of our customers

  • 3/5 Charity

    Integrate the importance of the other with the will to provide them with good

  • 4/5 Diversity

    Believe in the strength of the group based on the differences that make it up

  • 5/5 Results

    To be result-oriented for the customers, the group and the employees

Once upon a time...

  • 1985

    Xavier Laloux buys the company Gecco where he was previously CFO.
  • 1988

    In order to serve Cockerill-Sambre, the company EC&M, specialized in industrial cleaning and maintenance, was created. The aim is for it to have many industrial customers in Liège.
  • 1992

    The classic cleaning activities are extended to the province of Luxembourg and the company Lucco is created.
  • 1993
    GIA Cataro

    In order to export his industrial activities to Flanders, Xavier Laloux joined forces with Johan Goessens and together they created the company GIA Cataro.
  • 1994
    Damage Control - EnCoRe

    The group diversifies and enters the building sector with the company EnCoRe and the cleaning after disaster is born with Damage Control.
  • 1995

    Following the successful tender of the Belgian Royalty (Axa),
    Brucco (Brussels Cleaning Company) is born.
  • 1997

    All the companies are grouped together within the same group. XL Group is born!
  • 2005
    Caro Maintenance

    The industrial activities in Liège having extended to the Charleroi region, the Carolo branch of the group is created under the name of Caro Maintenance.
  • 2011

    Grouping of all the classic cleaning companies under a single brand: Belcco.
  • 2020

    Presentation of the XLG brand at the annual staff party.
  • 2021

    Gathering of all the companies within the same XLG structure with the implementation of HR, Sales, Marketing, IT competence centers...